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ITS ALL ABOUT getting your money parked in the investment vehicle that is going to do
the best job for you. Whether it is wealth accumulation, protection of your assets, income for life,
or any combination of these. If this is what you are looking for in York, PA, contact me. It is what I do.


Financial advisor, annuity and retirement planner Tom Dasher will help you form a custom plan so that you can reach your financial and retirement goals

Financial advisor Tom Dasher understands the challenges that are associated with retirement planning and financial management. Through the individualized services offered by Tom, you will receive important information, help and guidance for all of your money management needs.

What can Tom do for you and your retirement?

  • Simply put, we were looking for a way to get an income stream for the rest of our lives, and have control of that money at the same time. Tom made his recommendation on what we all felt was the best product available at the time,and we started taking our lifetime income two years ago. Mary Ann and I were extremely impressed with Tom's professional, down to earth, approach. Fitch and Mary Ann Tillotson, Client

  • My wife and I are in our early 60s, don’t need the income now, but needed a good future plan. Tom found us a product that would allow the income payments to basically keep up with inflation, so when we do start the income payments, we have the peace of mind knowing that the money will be with us, and possibly increasing every year, for as long as either of us are alive. Wayne and Deborah Smith, Client